Top 10 Things Not to Do When You Divorce


7. Don’t try to change your spouse

You aren’t going to get back together with your ex if you base your relationship on being the same person that you were in the beginning. If you want to get back together with your ex, then accept them for who they are and stop trying to be something that you aren’t.


8. Don’t cry and complain.

Crying will only hurt you and will only push you closer to your ex. This may make them feel better, but it will not help you solve any of your problems. The last thing that you want to do is keep blaming yourself because your ex is going to see right through you.



9. Remain calm

Just remember that you should remain calm and composed when talking to your soon to be ex-spouse. You don’t want to get angry or yell at each other, so refrain from doing this.




10. Don’t bring up emotional topics

It’s not a good idea to bring up emotional topics such as children or finances during this type of conversation. It’s best to keep these discussions for when you’re both calm. If you discuss these things now, you could create a fight or custody battle which you don’t want.


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