Do I Need a Lawyer for Child Custody?


Hiring a professional, experienced child custody lawyer is an excellent beginning step in determining if a relationship with your child is worth the risk. Your children are obviously the most important item to you, and for that reason it is vital to treat a child-custody dispute seriously.

In this article we will provide answers to your questions and help you decide whether a child custody lawyer is necessary for you at all.


1) How do child custody lawyers work?


In the United States for example, lawyers are widely available by phone or online. However, finding an attorney with experience and a positive track record is far more difficult. In a best case scenario, the initial consultation will help you develop a dialogue with your attorney before you make any commitments.


During this initial consultation, the lawyer will be able to assess whether or not you have a strong case, and will begin to explore your parental rights, as well as your child custody options. Because children’s custody battles vary from one family situation to another, attorneys are often willing to offer their services in divorce or separation cases as well.


2) The purpose of a child custody lawyer

Most attorneys consider custody and visitation to be separate issues. However, many do retain expert custody counselors for the sake of their clients. These are licensed child care counselors, who work closely with the attorneys on a regular basis. The goal of these counselors is to create a support network consisting of parents, while the attorney works on their individual cases.

For instance, if you are trying to win your custody rights as a father, then your lawyer and counselor might discuss how to establish paternity and establish the physical custody of your child.

In some cases, family law attorneys will refuse to work on cases involving custody unless they are the absolute opposite of their client. For instance, if you want to retain an attorney to represent you when you are seeking visitation rights, then the lawyer’s main focus will be to help you gain custody of the children.

Family law attorneys are often unwilling to work on other issues involving custody unless their clients are also represented. In most instances, a family law attorney will have a personal interest in defending your case. They know their client, and what is best for the child. Therefore, family law attorneys often end up fighting for the rights of their client above all other interests.

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